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Geography / Urban and Regional Studies
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The office is open Monday - Thursday 9:30 - 12:00 a.m.

Economic Geography, Regional Economic Growth, Competitive Regions, Economic Growth Strategies

Analyses and documents patterns and processes of regional growth under conditions of global competition. Regional science concepts, geostatistical methods and GIS-tools are applied as are survey methods for the analysis of enterprises, households and consumers. The objective is to understand the development and functioning of competitive regions and to identify the determinants of competitiveness and the functioning and making of competitive regions (e.g. The Greater Basel Area, the Upper Rhine Valley, Switzerland, or selected growth areas of Asia).

Among the determinants are the innovative capacity of a region and its attractiveness for knowledge intensive firms, the engineering of competitiveness  through identity and image, and the marketing of cities and regions, spatial and regional planning, in developing countries through development policy (see also research emphasis Developing Countries and Development Strategies). Competency acquired qualify for academic or professional careers in public administration (business promotion activity, spatial planning, statistical and information services), in private enterprises (market and market area analyses), and in non governmental organisations (endopgenous potentials and local capacity building). Most studies have a practical orientation and are carried out in cooperation with potential end users, hence, the studies provide a direct link to the labor market.