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Geography / Urban and Regional Studies
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The office is open Monday - Thursday 9:30 - 12:00 a.m.

Developing Countries and Development Strategies

The focus is on (1) basic needs in selected developing countries that are among the premier growth areas of the world, in particular India and countries of Southeast Asia, (2) the social stratification of poverty areas with a view on factors that account for upward social mobility and poverty reduction, (3) regional disparities, sustained economic growth and development, (4) regional science and statistical methods, GIS-applications and survey methods for the enhancement of endogenous potentials.

Internships and Master’s theses at the local scale of the communities and the micro scale of the household on planning issues for which data bases have to first be collected enable graduates for employment in various governmental and nongovernmental development agencies. Cooperation exists with All India Disaster Mitigation Institute of Ahmedabad, India on questions related to satellite and GIS-assisted slum mapping and social science surveys in urban slums and disaster areas.