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Research topics

Social science studies in disaster mitigation, risk reduction, micro finance and micro enterprises. Funded by the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, Research funds from the University of Basel and the Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft of Basel.

Livelihood security strategies in the formal sector of disaster affected areas

  • Impact of climate change on livelihoods of the poor among disaster victims in coastal areas of Tamil Nadu (Silja Ramseier)
  • Disaster recovery of small businesses in India's informal sector: difficulties and chances (Esther Gloor)
  • Business strategies of micro enterprises in disaster affected areas of Gujarat, India 2008. A study based on a pilot survey of micro enterprises organized in a Chamber of Commerce for Industry and Small Scale Businesses, as measured against a control group of micro enterprises not organized (Master's thesis Nadezhda Sliwa)

Mitigating disaster impact - Effectiveness, problems and potentials of selected technical approaches

  • Setting up an emergency response guideline for local organizations (Christoph Schlumpf)
  • The flood of 2005 compared to the flood of 2007 in two communities of Kheda and Bhuj (Daniel Rufener)

Microcredit impact and effectiveness in security livelihoods. Analyses of recipients' data, problems and potentials in selected disaster impact areas

  • The impact of AIDMI's microinsurance scheme Afat Vimo in disaster-affected areas. Case studies from Gujarat (Claudia Wipf)
  • The impact of AIDMI's microcredit schemes - case studies about beneficiaries in Bhuj, Ahmedabad and Kheda (Basil Gilliéron)

Different responses to disaster and adaptability of disaster mitigation strategies in different disaster impact areas - A synthesis. Analyses of the differential adaptation to disaster in earthquake, flood areas and urban riot affected communities

  • Micro Insurance and the Interface between Insurers and Insured Households – an Analysis of the Afat Vimo Partner-Agent Model of Micro Insurance in Gujarat, India  (doctoral thesis Claudia Saalfrank, M.A.)