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Riot-affected Communities

S. Oza of AIDMI and C. Saalfrank, in the Dudheshwar community in Ahmedabad that was affected by riots in 2002.
Community people in Behrampura, Ahmedabad.
S. Ramseier, E. Gloor, S. Oza and C. Saalfrank during pilot test in the Dudheshwar slums of Ahmedabad.
Lost livelihood in the Dudheshwar community was restored by means of AIDMI's livelihood relief fund.
Yasminaben and her children in the Behram-pura area of Ahmedabad. The community was badly affected by the riots in 2002.
Rabiyabibi with her small shop in the Behrampura community of Ahmedabad. As a riot-affeted victim she re-started her business after relief assistance by AIDMI.