Internship 2008: Gujarat


Field trip 2005: Ahmedabad and Bhuj, Gujarat, India

Earthquake-affected Communities

Traces of the Earthquake still can be seen in certain households in the slum community of Ashapuranagar, Bhuj, Gujarat.
C. Saalfrank and E. Gloor, survey of earthquake affected communities - beneficiaries of AIDMI's Afat Vimo insurance scheme - with Halimaben and Hasmukh Sadhu of AIDMI in Ashapuranagar.
N. Sliwa along with AIDMI volunteers, Rashidkhan Baloch and Saiyad Nagori interviewing a community leader of Shergadh village of Patan district, Gujarat.
B. Gilliéron and C. Wipf, survey in the slum community of Ashapuranagar in Bhuj, Gujarat.
Halimaben and N. Sliwa doing interview with Dhirajbhai Gor, Ashapuranagar slum in Bhuj, Gujarat. He was badly affected by earthquake and is the beneficiary of livelihood relief funds.
This family is the beneficiary of livelihood relief funds in a slum area of Bhuj, Gujarat. Their means of livelihood were destroyed during the earthquake. AIDMI livelihood relief assistance helped to restore livelihood and earnings.

Drougth-affected Communities

N. Sliwa, field survey of drought hit village of Najupura of Patan district, Ahmedabad.
Village women get ready to work in the fields.
N. Sliwa and AIDMI staff member interviewing the community leaders about the drought situation during summers in Patan district of Gujarat.
In scarcity of drinking water the community has to take their cattle to far away water sources.
A dried up pond used by cattle. When full of water, this pond irrigates the surrounding area.
A community leader of Patan, Gujarat says that the women of the community have to walk for miles to get clean drinking water.

Flood-affected Communities

S. Oza of AIDMI shows the red mark to E. Gloor and C. Saalfrank indicating the level of water during flood in Indiranagar slum, Kheda district, Gujarat.
C. Saalfrank, E. Gloor, S. Oza, D. Rufener and B.Gilliéron, field survey in Hanumanagar slum in Kheda, Gujarat.
A woman in the Indiranagar slum area of Kheda, Gujarat earning her livelihood by making things out of bamboo.
S. Oza, B. Gilliéron, C. Saalfrank, D. Rufener, E. Gloor in the flood-affected area of Indiranagar slum in Kheda, Gujarat. The community has benefited from AIDMI's livelihood relief fund.
Clothing trader with improved business after having received revolving credit funds given by AIDMI.
S. Oza, B. Gilliéron, C. Saalfrank, D. Rufener, E. Gloor at a group meeting in the Hanumanagar area of flood hit Kheda, Gujarat.

Riot-affected Communities

S. Oza of AIDMI and C. Saalfrank, in the Dudheshwar community in Ahmedabad that was affected by riots in 2002.
Community people in Behrampura, Ahmedabad.
S. Ramseier, E. Gloor, S. Oza and C. Saalfrank during pilot test in the Dudheshwar slums of Ahmedabad.
Lost livelihood in the Dudheshwar community was restored by means of AIDMI's livelihood relief fund.
Yasminaben and her children in the Behram-pura area of Ahmedabad. The community was badly affected by the riots in 2002.
Rabiyabibi with her small shop in the Behrampura community of Ahmedabad. As a riot-affeted victim she re-started her business after relief assistance by AIDMI.