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Project Management - A Typical Cycle

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Pre-planning phase
Presentations by Indian experts at University of Basel                        
Agreement in Ahmedabad                        
Visit of Indian experts at University of Basel                        
Planning phase, University of Basel
Identification of research questions                        
Literature search                        
Preparation of research design                        
Preparation of survey instruments                        
Milestone 1: Finalizing of research designs and reports                        
Operationalization phase, AIDMI, India
Organization of field work by AIDMI staff                        
Pretest and revisions                        
Field work with local staff                        
Data handling                        
Analyses of results                        
Milestone 2: Presentation of major findings to AIDMI head office                        
Consolidation/ Controlling
Writing up analyses / finalizing report                        
Milestone 3: Final presentation in Ahmedabad                        
Milestone 4: Writing up reports at University of Basel                        
Milestone 5: Presentation at University of Basel                        
Preparation of publication                        
Milestone 6: Publication                        
New cycle of internship and social science studies begins at University of Basel