Department of Environmental Sciences
Geography / Urban and Regional Studies
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CH-4056 Basel

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Office hours

The office is open Monday - Thursday 9:30 - 12:00 a.m.

Study objectives and career prospects

Decisive for the suitability of a professional geographer is specific methodological skills (eg. use of geographic information systems, statistical software, digital maps, remote sensing data, laboratory and field measurement techniques), which form a crucial role in analyzing and solving problems. The aim of all theses’ is to anchor all minds of methodological skills in a practical way by approaching projects in cooperation with institutions and planning authorities. During mandatory field and regional work as also professional practical training – all internships are organized with employees with practical experience, which are often the prospective employer.

In addition to the studying geography (in both faculties) there is a possibility to become a teacher as well by adding a few benefits (courses). An education in geography is particularly suited for those who want to work as a professional geographer or as an environmental conscious teacher. Professional geographers have the following options:

  • Spatial Planning (urban, regional and state planning, development, economic development, Mobility management, transport planning, tourism development)

  • Nature and the Environment  (landscape and environmental impact assessment, ecological risk assessment, soil protection and planning, contaminated land acquisition and rehabilitation, habitat mapping and conservation planning, environmental economics)

  • Information and Documentation (Commercial remote sensing, computer cartography, geo-informatics and geostatistics, Government statistics, forecasting, press and publishing, public relations).