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Studying Geography in Basel

What is Geography?

Geography is a bridge between social science, environmental and natural sciences. Geographers are needed where spatially defined phenomena are being discusses (eg environmental issues, climate effects, landscape interventions, treated socio-economic developments in the city and region as well as problems of developing countries). This means, problems that regard location and spatial effects and problems that require action within sustainability. The current training is thus characterized by natural and social science content,which promotes a joined-up thinking, and which is focused on cause and effect relationships in the human-environment system, and impact assessment of human intervention (human impact assessment).

Geography therefore investigates the functional relationship between nature, technology and society in an area. Geographers conduct research for the future and develop problem-solving skills to the world of today. Physical Geography and Human Geography have developed into autonomous branches of discipline with different issues and methods. The social science-oriented Human Geography deals with the structure and dynamics of cultures, societies and economies, and the spatiality of human action.

It examines urban and regional developments in local, regional and international contexts. It is particularly focused on cities and their population, employment and quality of life changes and socio-demographic change and on sustainable urban development. Economic geography deals with the analysis of regional structural change regarding global competition with the aim to identify the factors that strengthen the locational advantages of a region and ensure long-term competitiveness. In terms of developing countries and development cooperation, the focus is set on basic problems which occur in selected developing countries that are among the new growing regions of the world, such as India and South-east Asia and China, social change and poverty reduction, regional disparities and also the issues of sustainable economic and regional development.