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Dr. phil. Heike Schmidt
Lic. phil. Claudia Erismann

Opening hours

Use on request


The map collection is part of the library of Geography of the University of Basel and is open to all employees of the institute, the students and other interested people. Requirement is a valid IDS library card. The loan of maps is only possible after consultating the staff of the library.

The map collection can be visited upon request.

Maps can only be borrowed and viewed by consulting the librarians. The loan period is limited to four weeks, but may – in some cases- be shortened or extended.
Interlibrary loans of maps are usually not allowed.


The map collection consists of about 20.000 cards, of which (currently) almost 5.500 can be searched electronically on the IDS catalog,
The map collection is made up of map series, individual tickets and wall maps. The maps are regional, chronological and thematically arranged.
The maps of Switzerland and Europe can be found on the second floor and other maps can be found on the first floor of the building of the Geography Department.

Scale of map collection

  • Topographical map of Switzerland (Dufour map)
  • Topographical Atlas of Switzerland (Siegfried map)
  • National map of Switzerland in different scales (folded and plano)
  • Geological Atlas of Switzerland in different scales (folded and plano)
  • Topographic and thematic maps of the home and foreign countries (with emphasis on Germany and France)
  • Maps of Namibia
  • Atlas of Switzerland and worldwide (also historical atlases) (ca. 500)
  • Collection of wall maps
  • Aerial photograph collection

Foreign maps and special maps

Foreign maps and special maps are only available for certain regions. The stock is dependent on the research activities and projects that are being conducted at the Institute.