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Dr. phil. Heike Schmidt
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Please be aware of occasionally reduced opening hours. For current information, please visit "Library - News".

Library Geography

The library of the Geography is open to the public during the published times. Borrowing is free of charge. The user IDs of all IDS composite libraries are recognized and entitled to borrow books at the library of the Geographical Institute.

The loan period is 4 weeks. If no other order has been made, two additional extensions of four weeks will be granted. Documents can be extended via Internet (Online Catalog swissbib Basel Bern). The media are for reservations but connot be extended. After the expiry of the loan period you will reveice one free reminder.  You will receive a fee, if the books or media are not brought back on time.

Interlibrary loans to private individuals or other libraries only occur after consultation with the library management.

Open shelves

The books are mostly freely available (free-range).
Some of the publications are available in the magazine and are only accessible by the staff.

The list of monographs is based on content criteria (subject groups, geographicum).


The current periodicals and serials (approximately 390 titles) are presented on the shelves of the open access area according to the publishing country.

The completed Periodicals (520 titles) can be found in the magazine.

Special issues of individual journals are included in the catalog and can be searched by title or author. Journal articles from German journals can be searched in the GeoDok literature database of the University of Erlangen.

Antique books

The library has an extensive collection of valuable old books in the field of geography and travel guides. The stocks of the Geographical-Ethnological Society of Basel (GEG) are integrated with the inventory of the library. These are mostly publications from the 18th to 20th Century. These books can be read if you contact the librarians and make an appointment.